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Looking back on the past year and looking forward to the next

last updated on may 27th

It's been a while since I've sat down and written about anything. In hindsight, I suppose that the whirlwind of the last school year left me with hardly any breathing room.

Nevertheless, here I am at the tail-end, piecing together a year that's left its mark in more ways than one.

Let's embark on a little reflective journey, shall we?

The chapters written

Hackers assemble

In the heart of the eighth grade, a seed was planted.

It sprouted from a void in our academic landscape. I observed a reservoir of untapped potential; students teeming with an affinity for technology and an intrigue for coding, yet they lacked an outlet to cultivate these interests.

Inspired to bridge this gap, I pitched my idea, rallied a team around me, and began the arduous but exhilarating journey of building a Hack Club at my school.

Embarking on this voyage required diligence and an unwavering spirit as I dedicated innumerable hours to sifting through coding resources, designing workshops, and rallying enthusiasts to join our nascent club. This initiation phase in itself was an apprenticeship in tenacity and grit, fueling my resolve to create a haven for our school's tech aficionados.

Our lifeline in this endeavor was the global Hack Club community. The outpouring of workshop ideas, club management tips, and mentorship opportunities was like a beacon in the sometimes foggy journey of club establishment. This connection provided us with more than just resources—it gifted us a sense of belonging to a broader network of innovators and creators.

SAIS Hack Club

The club sessions bore witness to an inspiring spectacle of engagement and curiosity. Students collaboratively navigated the labyrinth of coding, celebrated triumphs, and unraveled roadblocks, ultimately fueling their passion for tech. Witnessing their journey from tentative learners to confident creators was both gratifying and humbling. It reminded me that our club was more than just a learning platform—it was a melting pot of creativity and innovation that made every hurdle along the way worthwhile.

Of course, the journey was not without its hiccups. We faced technical glitches and postponements and struggled to grasp complex topics. But every stumbling block morphed into stepping stones, teaching us to pivot, persevere, and find solutions. It instilled in me the belief that resilience is key to any endeavor, a philosophy I carry with me beyond the club's walls.

As the club flourished, I realized the importance of continuous introspection and adaptability. The essence of our progress lies in our willingness to reassess our goals, listen to our members' voices, and fine-tune our methods. This ongoing reflection not only propelled the club's growth but also imbued a habit of introspection and a desire for self-improvement in me.

The club's success was a testament to the power of community. It was a collective effort, a shared vision, and a common goal that brought us together. It was a reminder that we are stronger together and that the power of community is unparalleled. Looking back, I see that the Hack Club journey has been about more than coding or leadership. It's been about growth—my evolution as a communicator, a manager, a motivator, and a person.

The ones that got away...

Math has always been a subject that I've enjoyed.

There's an elegant simplicity to mathematics that has always charmed me. The thrill of wrestling with perplexing problems, the gratification of finding the elusive solution, and the mesmerizing dance of patterns unfolding in perfect harmony - this symphony of logic and order, I've adored.

Yet, lately, in this introspective reverie, I've started questioning my affection for mathematics.

Is it a true, deep-seated passion that stirs my soul or merely a proficiency I've cultivated over time?

Is it love or merely a comfortable familiarity?

I've started to go on walks lately. It really lends itself to introspection.

Among the myriad thoughts that dance through my mind on these wanderings, one that has etched itself deeply is this enigma of passion.

What is this elusive entity we call passion? How does one stumble upon it in the labyrinth of life's experiences? And once encountered, how do we recognize it, distinguish it from fleeting infatuations?

I've always been a person of many interests. I've dabbled in a variety of fields, from coding to music to, of course, math. Yet I've never been able to pinpoint a single passion - that singular beacon that I can wholeheartedly say I'm devoted to.

Perhaps it's okay not to have all the answers just yet. Maybe it's not so much about reaching a definite conclusion, but rather about asking the right questions and genuinely engaging in the quest for understanding.

Passion, I've discovered, is not a destination but a journey. It's a quiet whisper nudging us towards what truly stirs our souls. It might not always be singular, but could be a unique tapestry, woven from our myriad interests.

Perhaps the passion that I'm seeking isn't confined within the boundaries of one subject or another. Perhaps it's the constant curiosity that drives me, the thrill of discovery, the joy of learning something new.

In the meantime, I will continue my journey, armed with curiosity and openness. I will follow my interests, wherever they may lead, learning, growing, and evolving. I will listen for the whispers of passion, knowing they may echo from unexpected places. And through it all, I will embrace the beautiful uncertainty that comes with exploring the labyrinth of life's experiences.

SAIS Hack Club

... and the ones yet to come

The past year has been a study of metamorphosis. I've witnessed the world around me transform, and I've seen myself evolve in tandem.

The pandemic has been a catalyst for change, an unyielding force that disrupted our existence and nudged us toward adaptation. It has been a year etched in loss, dyed with sorrow, and swathed in uncertainties. Yet, it has also been a year stitched with resilience, sprinkled with hope, and interwoven with a sense of community.

I've learned to embrace change, to find the silver lining in every situation, and to be grateful for the little things. I've learned to be more mindful, fully soaking in the present like a parched desert after the first rain and more appreciative, like a night sky adorning itself with every single star. I've grown resilient like the daisies pushing through the cracks in the pavement, adaptable like a chameleon seamlessly blending into its surroundings, and optimistic like a lighthouse persistently cutting through the fog.

I've learned humility, akin to the moon that shines bright while acknowledging the light is not its own, and kindness, like a gentle breeze that caresses everything in its path without asking for anything in return.

I've learned to be more, more of myself, more of the person I aspire to be.

and I'm excited to see what the next chapter holds.